Dr. Ramune -Mysterious Disease Specialist-


As long as hearts exist inside people, there will always be those who suffer.
When something "strange" enters their mind, a strange disease will manifest itself in their body.
The illness, which is called a "mystery disease" is unknown to most, but it certainly exists.
There is a doctor and an apprentice who can fight the disease, which modern medicine cannot cure.

His name is Ramune.
He acts freely all the time, is foul-mouthed, and doesn’t even look like a doctor!
However, once he is confronted with the mysterious disease,
he is able to quickly uncover the root cause of his patients' deep-seated distress and cure them.


Original Author
Toro Aho
Hideaki Oba
Series and Script Editor
Ayumu Hisao
Character Designer
Yoko Sato
Animation production

Produced by
Dr. Ramune -Mysterious Disease Specialist-
Production Committee


Yuma Uchida
Takuma Nagatsuka




CV:Yuma Uchida

Ramune is a doctor who specializes in treating patients with "mystery diseases",
which are caused when something "strange" sneaks into the hearts of the weak-minded.
He is a foul-mouthed physician who is rude to most and very rarely understands the atmosphere around him.
However, he is a very skilled doctor who can quickly identify the root cause of any strange illness.
But because he always puts his patients first, he tries not to treat them too harshly.



CV:Takuma Nagatsuka

Kuro is a junior high school student who is Ramune's disciple and works as an assistant.
He has good judgment and motor skills, as well as a rational mind.
It’s hard to understand his mood due to having a poker face and is always having to play the straight man when Ramune says or does anything.
Kuro trusts Ramune's skills as a specialist of mystery diseases completely.